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Canadian Wechat/Ali Payment Solution, Directly Accept Canadian Dollars

The easiest way to connect Asian Market Online and Offline

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Register, install & accept Wechat/Ali payment in Canadian dollars without I.T.

Skip the barrier of currency. Be success both online and offline to reach more customers.


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3. Accept payment

Online solution for Canadian Stores

Who want connect to wechat and ali payment customer
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Authorized Agent of TenCent for WeChat Payment in Canada


Full financial licensing corporation

A Powerful Platform to Reach Chinese Consumers and Boost Sales

paybuzz | POS

Wechat Pay /Ali Pay

The payment methods recommended by Government of Canada

Technique Support

IT team support to integrate Wechat pay& Ali pay to your system and training

Secured Money

Secured Money transferred through TeCent/Ali (China) and OTT Wallet (Canada) to merchants’ bank account.

Moving your Store online

E-commerce website setting 90% discount

 Alipay and Wechat Pay Leading Financial’s Brand In Chinese Community

paybuzz | POS
Provides foreign exchange dealing and money transferring services since 2006.
Be an exempt market dealer as well as portfolio manager and investment fund manager registered with the securities regulators in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

2018 China-Canada Travel Year

The best way to boost your business.
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Over 1 week during the Chinese New Year holiday 6 million Chinese tourists travelled around the world and spent more than $15 billion. In the mean time, we have seen increasingly more ecommerce companies accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay, including many top tier global tech giants, rising sharing economy unicorns, and high-end global retailers.
paybuzz |accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay during the Chinese New Year

Trillion Total Payments in 2016

Million Alipay 's Total Payments in 2016

Million Monthly Active Mobile Users


of Transactions are on Mobile Devices

 Connect With Millions of Customer

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  • $1.7 trillion total payments in 2016
  • 450 million registered users
  • 270 million monthly active mobile users
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  • $1.2 trillion total payments in 2016
  • 1.1 billion WeChat accounts
  • 963 million monthly active users
Customers pay RMB, you receive Canadian Dollars
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Customized Dashboard


know your business strengths


Know your customers spending behaviour


Know which payment method your customers prefer


Know your personalized


We are not just about mobile Payment.

We provide a new Lifestyle!
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About Us

paybuzz | Paybuzz.ca is the payment resolution
Paybuzz.ca is the payment resolution which helps you business quickly connect to the largest mobile payment providers, WeChat Pay and Ali Pay. WeChat Pay and Ali Pay is also accepted by more and more global business since the amount of Chinese tourist and immigrants is considerable.

Paybuzz also aims at support your business with more opportunities to expend national wide and cross culture. Paybuzz also works with Priceindex.ca to give the business to attract greater sales opportunities and brand exposure from the hundreds of thousands national consumers. All solution is affordable and could be personalized. Our staff will work with you or your team to find the most suitable solution to your business no matter what requirement you have.

Alipay & Wechat Pay versus PayPal

Alipay & Wechat Pay provide a more integrated service than PayPal. The fact that Alipay & Wechat can be used for everything at the press of a finger is significant. People use it to transfer money, pay their bills, check their bank balance and add money to their phone account. They then go shopping online and can pay for their products all through the same app.


Alipay transaction volume on Nov 11, 2016  grew 48% to about $20 billion, from 235 countries and regions around the world.

Question and Answer

My online store can now accept payment via Paypal / Visa / Master card. Do I still need the Paybuzz plugin?
A: Of course Almost everyone in mainland China now uses WeChat and Alipay for payment instead of paper bill or cards. Due to the restriction of geographical policy, by common Wechat/Ali payment solution, at the same time mainland users can only pay in RMB at present, and overseas businesses can only receive RMB. Therefore,business owner is asked to have RMB bank account which is hard for Canadian business owner. Considering this, Paybuzz cooperating with OTT, integrates the Oversea Wechat/Ali pay solution, allowing consumers to pay the RMB, and businesses can received Canadian dollars directly into their Canadian bank account.
Q2: I do not know what platform my site is based on, I do not know a lot about technology, how do I use the Paybuzz plug-in?
A: Currently, our first version ONE CLICK PAYMENT plug-in is only available for wordpress websites. If your site is built on wordpress, then installation paybuzz plug-in is very simple, as long as you can log in the CMS, according to the installation steps provided by this site, you can achieve it in a few steps. We also have a online customer service to help at 1-844-398-3562.
I do not have a bank account in China. Only a bank account in Canada, can I use WeChat and Alipay.
A: Of course, the main function of the paybuzz plug-in is to solve the problem that Canadian merchants accept Canadian dollars paid by Alipay and WeChat pay.

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